The Calling

September 11, 2013 Salpicardeverde

In 2000, Byron Easterling was in Boaco, Nicaragua when the Lord waked him with a vision and prophetic word about the reinvigoration of the agricultural economy of Nicaragua and how he wished to use the church at the center of this restoration.

Byron had allowed this word to incubate in his spirit for three years when he approached a national Nicaraguan church leader about the possibility of sharing the word with some of the people in his network. The door was opened and Byron, Leck Heflin, Pastors Paul Brownback of Azle, Texas and David Hardy of Fort Worth, and Richard Hubbard, a micro-enterprise specialist from Littlehampton, West Sussex, England traveled together to be with Byron as he released the vision. It was on this trip in November of 2003 that Leck Heflin said, “Lord, if you want me to do this for the rest of my life, I will.”

Over the next couple of years Byron and Leck met with Nicaraguan church and business leaders to develop a plan for implementation of the vision. It was critical that this not simply be a U.S. export but that it be birthed consistent with sound biblical and business principles and from the Nicaraguan culture as an expression of who God has called them to be.

That is the plan that we are now implementing and here is the original prophetic word as Byron delivered it in 2003.


Byron’s Prophecy:

In 1972 there was supposed to be increase but it was stopped. This is a part of putting things in proper order.


Part I

During several trips to Nicaragua, the Lord began releasing a prophecy about economic increase that is coming to Nicaragua – a strategy from the Lord.

For 3 years I have been praying. Now is the time. Today is the beginning of the fulfillment of this prophecy.

He showed me how there is going to be financial increase in your country (and Lord willing in Honduras as well). He said your country is rich in natural resources. You can grow many wonderful things. Fruit, vegetables, coffee . . . many things. This is only part of your “natural resources.” You yourself are a natural resource and he is going to use you.

He then said that there will be hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of personal businesses. Hands on work, brought forth by your strength, your skill, your labor, your abilities.

Part II

This is good for you. You will earn some money when you have your own work, but God wants you to have more. He showed me Nicaragua divided up into five regions. Each region had many, many of these small businesses. Some grew a crop, some made a product. There were all kinds of small businesses.

It started with a few, in two regions. Then those regions grew to where they had enough of the same products to sell in bigger quantity. You were joining forces. Like an army.

Then other regions began to build, and each region grew and grew to where you each were a part of something bigger than yourself. Your products were being shipped out of this country into other countries.

Part III

There is a man, who owns a trucking company in Rivas. I believe he is going to become an international company. It will be one of the keys in seeing your financial expansion. Because he has a heart to see God’s Kingdom grow, God is going to grow his business. It’s not about the money! Yes, you will earn more money – but – this is about expanding the Kingdom of God. The desire for God!!

Part IV

You see, the Lord wants to make this a nation that gives and gives and gives. You have to have more, so you can give more. So, keep giving if you are, and if you are not giving — then start.

As this strategy is released in your country and you give, the Kingdom is going to expand. People around you will see that it is not about “the money.” But it is about the people. It is not only about giving but they will see your love for others. So, keep your hearts, minds and souls on Jesus. Watch as he proves this increase in your land. Don’t be in a hurry. It will take time to see the fullness of this prophecy.

Part V

It’s for his Kingdom. After this strategy begins to grow and expand the government leaders are going to notice what is happening and get behind you. They will see that this is not about the United States Christians trying to make money for ourselves. They will also see that it is not just about making money for you to hold onto. But you are giving and the Lord is prospering you. They will see this is about you …”their people,” and say, “Yes!”

Churches and businesses from the U.S. and other countries will be involved but only to help our brothers and sisters. Not to own or run it…only to come along side – to grow together as family.

Part VI

Then, you will become senders. You will send many people to other countries to disciple people into the Kingdom. To lead them to Jesus. To see them mature.

The Lord then had me write out these promises that would come from the fulfillment of this prophecy:

You will be an army

You will be financially strong

You will be givers

You will have many businesses

You will have many varieties of businesses

You will work and build together

You will be lovers of God and others

It will take time

You will be senders

You will be disciplers

You will lead many to Jesus in other nations

You will be a blessing to the government/Country