Well Done!

May 20, 2017 Salpicardeverde
Ernesto, Leck, and Marvin with the well drill

VERACRUZ DEMO FARM:  On May 6th the Pontis team put to good use the generous support from dozens of people in the US to drill a well on the Veracruz demo farm.  This is part of the long term Pontis program to bring high-value farming to the Pontis Sustainable Agriculture Program students during the dry season.  Dry season crops can add 50-100% to a farm family’s support and make the difference between barely getting by and thriving.

Ernesto, Pontis Agronomist, Leck, Executive Director, and Marvin, Farm Manager, take a moment to rest in front of the drill rig after the 180 foot well was completed.  The Pontis team is now working to install the pumps, tie into and update the irrigation system, and start testing new methods.  This is a great example where people in the US have made a big difference for small farm families in Latin America.