Pontis Resources

Welcome to our resource page.  Our goal is to always be fully transparent so you can see what we are doing and why. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have or if you would like to better be able to tell the story of how you can bring prosperity to poor farm families in Latin America.

Newsletter Archive  We work to tailor our newsletters so there are multiple versions of each Model Farm newsletter.  These links are to a sample of each edition:

Full Email Archive

Video Library We regularly make videos to show what we are doing in Nicaragua.  In addition to our general interest videos, our YouTube channel has some special interest videos as well.


Church Presentation Package

Tools for Presenting Pontis Nicaragua to an Audience

Thank you for helping us teach people about Pontis Nicaragua and develop more support.  Your congregation is an important part of God's plan for people to walk side by side with the poor, helping them rise up to better lives.

The Pontis Story - a general purpose handout and email attachment that tells who we are and what we do.

PowerPoint Presentation - a customizable set of 6 slides

Video File - download the full-resolution 2-minute introduction to Pontis video for use by your audio-visual team.

Donation Card - this card contains various ways to donate to Pontis.  Note that we have the ability for  supporters to transfer directly to our bank account but we would need to provide the account number.  Contact Brad Allen (info above) for more details.


for more information, please contact Brad Allen

phone:  (425) 985-6203

email:  Brad.Allen@PontisNicaragua.org