Storms are Part of the Plan

October 10, 2017 Salpicardeverde
Mixed rice and corn field ometep

OMETEPE: Last week tropical storm Nate pounded Nicaragua with significant damage to crops throughout the region. Pontis farmers saw up to 30% of their plantain trees blown over and ruined. But tropical storms are part of farming in Latin America and Pontis Sustainable Agriculture addresses how an enterprise farm business stays strong through tough times.

Teaching farmers to grow a variety of crops, such as the mixed corn and rice in this photo on Ometepe, with tolerance to various crises ranging from drought or deluge to market price fluctuations allows farm families to prosper through tough times. Rice and other low growing crops balanced out the losses for Pontis farmers from tropical storm Nate.

Tough times are part of life for any farmer and the Pontis Sustainable Agriculture Program helps farmers in Latin America be producers, not victims.