Hope Happens – in Nueva Esperanza

April 26, 2017 Salpicardeverde
Angel family in Nueva Esperanza

NUEVA ESPERANZA:  In December 2015 we reported on the tragic circumstances of the 34 families in Nueva Esperanza.  Hit with drought, coffee fungus, and a lack of diverse crops they were struggling to get by after years of progress.  Thanks to your help Pontis not only brought sustainable, diverse agriculture training but has helped them engage in helping their entire community.    (December 2015 story)

Nueva Esperanza is home of one of the three main Pontis training centers.  To further expand this effort, a Service Team from Texas will be helping refurbish the community building in late May to better conduct community sustainable agriculture classes.  Your support will assure this key program continues. (Donate to help purchase refurbish materials)

(Pontis works closely with Agros International to assure the development work in and around Nueva Esperanza is consistent, beneficial, and a blessing to the greater community.)