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Growth Brings Change!

We are still working on additional donate options.


We are currently developing this page so that it offers you all of the donate options you might need.

Pontis Donation Instructions

For now, we have two ways to see how to donate other than PayPal:

(1) Bank to Bank

Contact Brad Allen.  He is always available to answer questions, get you more information or help with support of any kind:

(425) 985-6203

(2) Mail

Prefer not to use online payment?  Feel free to mail your donation directly to us at:

Pontis, Inc. 

P.O. Box 136368

Fort Worth, TX 76136


Note on Non-Profit Registration:  Pontis Nicaragua is part of Pontis Inc., a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization (IRS EIN 75-2869201).  Donations to Pontis Inc. are tax deductible in the US.

Note:  Our growth in 2016 required us to move our registered address.  Some systems may still show Pontis Inc. at our old address:  Pontis Inc., 404 W. Main St., Azle, TX 76020


A Sacred Trust - we see ourselves directly accountable to God for how we use resources.  Being good stewards with the money you provide for building better lives in Latin America is a key focus in all we do.  We are committed to providing full transparency in how we budget, plan, and use resources.

We hope you understand that any work requires administrative support and resources to provide continued support for the future.  Consider, for example, that almost 3% of every donation pays for the online systems to process the donation (this is considered a fund raising expense).  We are committed to keeping our administrative and fundraising expenses below 20%.  Currently they are well below this as we are a small organization and all of our paid team are in Latin America directly supervising projects in addition to any administrative roles they might have.

We welcome any questions you might have on how we raise, budget, plan, and use the resources provided to Pontis.