Demo Farm Crops Up and Running for Dry Season

January 22, 2017 Salpicardeverde

VERACRUZ DEMO FARM:  This enhanced Google Earth photo shows the crops at the Pontis Demo Farm for 2017 (dry season).  Crops are rotated through the year testing different cash crops, varieties, watering techniques and to document aspects of the Pontis Sustainable Agriculture Program.  This 3.5 acre farm is the center of activity for Pontis agriculture technology.

Take a closer look and see the farm house where Marvin, Nora and their five kids live on the left (blue circle with diamond).  The chicken project, greenhouse and irrigation system are just next to them.  From there you can see  (going counter clockwise) peppers, pipian squash, passion fruit, dragon fruit, plantains and then the empty plot is for testing sustenance crops such as corn and beans.  The blank area to the left of their house is their personal food crop area.

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